The Pandemic Class

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The Pandemic Class

If you want to radically engage your audience, work with Open Cell Media. The films they produce are both scientifically and emotionally compelling. Working with Rhys is a dream: he lays out clear expectations and meets or exceeds them every time.

Julie Wolf, Communications Director at IndieBio

We have become a generation of bright minds working towards a safer, healthier and more sustainable future. A world full of companies in a steady flow of meetings with investors driving innovation and turning imagination into functioning solutions. But what do these companies do when the pandemic has restricted their ability to meet face-to-face?

The IndieBio team contacted us to create a suite of films which could articulate the complexity of scientific innovation within their portfolio of companies, in a pandemic-proof online way.

Working closely with Communications Director Julie Wolf and Program Manager Alex Hall-Daniels, we devised the scripts and storyboards which established the films narrative and structure for nine unique team stories.

This involved a mixture of interviews.

And animations.

Nine team films were made with participants across three continents. The London team led by myself with Ella Howlett and Laura Onea, New York filming was handled by Chris Tharp, and Jerusalem was covered by Dror Lebendinger.

All of these made under different levels of lockdown rules.

The films premiered on the IndieBio Demo Day with a welcome video and sign up film guiding viewers through the experience.

They received great feedback and appreciate the hard work everyone did in bringing it together.

You and your team did an amazing job in a very short time.   I don’t know how you pulled it off.  All of the videos looked great!

Lauralynn Kourtz from Allied Microbiota

If you would like to see more of the teams and their innovative design, then check out their films on this page.

You can also visit the SOSV page to see the full event and layout.

Or see the companies individually at





Multus Media



Allied Microbiota