Enrol now at a cinema near you

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Enrol now at a cinema near you

TAFE WSI delivers nationally accredited qualifications with a practical focus in identified skills shortage areas for people currently residing in Western Sydney.

Tafe WSi wanted to get students to enroll in their tertiary education. They knew teenagers liked the cinema. So they asked us to create a series of student stories for release in Sydney Cinemas.

They were looking for a video specialist to handle the creation of their video content across all platforms.

Market research had suggested the cinema would be a primary avenue for advertising so our first project was a set of cinema commercials. 

The success of the first campaign saw a repeat of the format for another four semesters, updating the aesthetic as both trends and the brand evolved.

The ongoing relationship that would spawn a large archive of video content.

To gain greater attention, NOVA969 Radio DJ Wippa was enlisted as an ambassador to conduct interviews, introduce events and raise awareness of the institution.

As part of our relationship we covered their annual events and award ceremonies with live streaming and post-event highlights content, ensuring those who could not make it to the venue could still be part of their families big moment.