This phase will put us on the right foundations for the project ahead.


We take on each project like a new starter investigating what we know and what we don’t know.


This is the essential planning and logistics required to make the most efficient production.


This is where we take all our research and planning and physically create the work.


This is the final step to getting your content into the eyes of your audience.


1. Understand your Intentions and Obstacles

2. Establish the Project Checklist

3. Define the Team

4. Agree on Tactics
5. Deliver Scope of Work

1. Read, read, read!

2. Explore and experiment

3. Chart possible journeys and Avenues
4. Creative Design

5. Present Concept

1. Write Scripts 

2. Draw Storyboards
3. Compose Prototype

4. Compile Production Management Documents

5. Arrange travel and contributor Logistics

1. Build set, wardrobe and other design elements

2. Film the scenarios

3. Animate motion graphic assets

4. Edit the footage, add sound and colour grade

5. Feedback, review and revise the outputs.

1. Deliver the final Outputs

2. Install in their destination, whether that be online, on air or on location
3. Assign media spend

4. Review and Enhance
5. Debrief