Weight of Light

The Weight of Light series is an ongoing investigation into the relationship between light, weight and our timely presence in the world.

Each image within the installation takes one second of perceived time to create. By perceived I am referring to the time we naturally experience. The images are constructed by blending this one second of perceived time with 1/8th of slowed time to highlight the role of light and time in our creation of our identity. 

One Second
One Second
One Second

The eye blinks, the mind cuts but light emits on a slower and more constant presence. By remaining in a perpetual loop, our reception of the image is built in of itself, assigning new meaning with every revision.

I created this new video technology by aligning two cameras and blending their individual outputs. This technique was refined during my artistic residency with dLux Media Arts and has spawned over a dozen films that have exhibited in galleries across Iceland, Australia and the UK.


For each work, I collaborate with performers including Lucille Speilfuchs, Steven Watson, Svala Johansdottir, Romi Muse and Monika Blaszczak to create movement loops, both as circular movements on a screen but also as repeating images within the projection. This results in a dream like image where the body drifts across the screen appearing as a wispy ghost and then coming into a heavier focus – back and forth between light and solid.

This repetition is echoed through the sound design, working with long time collaborator Eirik Boen Gravdal. They begin with the bare minimum required to create a resonance, then by repeating and adding new sounds we slowly build an audio pattern that turns from chaos to harmony.

The space thus becomes a calming zone, where audiences can relax and contemplate the imagery or simply close their eyes and focus on the soundscape.

Take a look at each work on their respective pages:






This is an ongoing series and I am always looking for galleries to exhibit or performers to collaborate with. If you are either, then please get in touch by finding a time that suits us both to chat on this link.

Thank you,

Rhys Votano