The fourth industrial revolution is Biology and our ability to synthesise it just as we do computer code

Head of Video Production at Open Cell Media

Video is a medium which can communicate across the world instantly, connecting global challenges with local solutions.

The era we are living in has presented us with a new set of digital tools that have amplified this exchange, at the same time, an entirely new language has emerged – the language of biology.

The combination of these two technologies has revealed unique opportunities to improve the health of our planet.


In 2017 I befriended Helene Steiner and Tom Meany, two bright minds teaching Biodesign at the Royal College of Arts who asked me to capture their upcoming show – Food Futures. At the time, the term biodesign was misunderstood and like many people, I was yet to comprehend the extent to which it would impact over the coming years. We had entered a new period in history, The 4th industrial bio-revolution had begun.

Tom and Helene would go on to open the world’s first biology box park – Open Cell. Alongside visual Anthropologist Jan Stockel, we captured the space as designers, biologists and sustainable designers took up residence.

Open Cell Box Park by Night

There was something which caught our attention early on. Most major media outlets were talking about the doom and gloom, Extinction Rebellion and David Attenborough had made people aware on a scale that hadn’t been seen since Michael Jackson’s Earth Song. However there was so much positive work happening in the background which was being overlooked.

Thus Open Cell Media was born – with the mission of presenting scientific breakthroughs and sustainable investment opportunities through contemporary interview aesthetics and playful animations using language that welcomes engagement from any industry and country.

Our documentaries, profiles and event films caught the attention of others and quickly we were working with dozens of companies leading innovations in biology and life science.

One of the world’s leading accelerator groups SOSV reached out to us to improve the way their cohort of companies tell their story visually to investors. Thus spawned our Story Accelerator – an eight week program which leads companies through a series of interactive workshops to refine the way they communicate while developing materials for their marketing portfolio. 

We work with unique illustrators and digital artists for each program, developing an aesthetic which is used across the suite of videos, ensuring a distinct collective for the campaign.

We worked with Heston Blumenthal, Alex James, Suggs, Professor Green and Ruby Tandoh to teach people about the role of bacteria at an exhibition in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. We flew to Jersey to document the construction of mobile Covid-19 testing units which could save the countries tourism during a pandemic. And captured a bio-couture catwalk of designers making garments from algae, lichens and recycles tyres.