Expanded Cinema

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Half Concert


Cinema is a religious experience. Derren, Wells, Tarkovsky and everyone since are a testament to this statement – using icons, fables and ritual to build a following through transcendent experience.


Inner and Outer

During my residency at the Freezer, the actors and director spent months exploring the inner worlds of a woman in turmoil while I attempted to demonstrate how perspective of the outer world can be distorted

Through my university film studies, I was introduced to this concept through Dr Stefan Popescu and Dr Yuji Sone who lectured on the power of imagery and the religious value we place on these shared encounters. This is enacted not just in the construction, but the rituals in which we experience the works.

This inspired the creation of a series of interactive works, installations and concert performances exploring the intersection between the stage, sound, cinema and screen. How does the screen perform in a music experience? What importance is sound in the cinema?

Working with contemporary dancers to realise From the Animals, 2012
Along with Sandra Ruthsdottir, we created a set of circular screens for the Explorers project Spheres, 2017
Capturing the scenery which would play a backdrop to the trauma of Thuridur in Froda, 2015