Inside Agencies

Upon completion of my degree in screen production, I quickly learnt the size of the Australian film industry was not enough to sustain the amount of graduates. It might not help undergraduates to be given an assignment to research why the industry is failing, especially when the answers all point towards a lack of government support, a cultural-cringe and local box office returns of less that 4%. 

Like most of my peers, this pushed me to seek work in the growing advertising agencies as a way of bringing my story-telling education into fruition.

Between 2001 and 2019 I worked my way up from Production Assistant to Senior Producer within agencies including Cornerstone Media, Umm Communications and Upstair Studios in Sydney & more recently with Somersault Video Production in Cambridge. This involved everything from writing to rendering, leading video projects from creative development through project management, client communications and delivery of works for video, social media, billboard displays, html advertising and website construction.

I worked with many great people who taught me the skills I use every day. If you are looking to work with an agency, then please get in touch with them directly. If you are wanting to understand how I implement this strategic thinking and creative project design, then check out this process diagram.

If you would like to chat more specific about a project, then please schedule in a meeting here.

Thank you,

Rhys Votano