Conceptual works are created to visually articulate a philosophy or concept, uninhibited by commercial expectations. This does not mean the outputs have no value but instead their success comes from engaging with ideas and experiences.

A lot of my work is is interested in the spatiotemporal properties of video, playing with repetition, time and memory to demonstrate how we can transcend the physical world. This has culminated in hybrid documentaries, interactive exhibitions and experimental cinema.

During residencies in Iceland, Australia and the UK, he integrated video in theatre performances to link memory with recording technology. One show projected metaphors of betrayal and regret behind live actors to recount the guilt of a misinterpreted love. A Jules Verne adaptation containing playful video interludes akin to pro wrestling events. His collaboration with bands integrate narratives into concert performances by combining projection mapping with short film, to form an hybrid-documentary style that sits between cinema, theatre and a music concert.

These projects are funded through grants and artist residencies.

Projects have included Projection Mapping, VR, Gallery Installations, Immersive cinema.