Past Agencies

Since graduating from a Bachelor in Screen Production, and later a Masters in Screenwriting and Video Art – I worked my way up from Production Assistant to Senior Producer within Marketing agencies including Cornerstone Media, Umm Communications and Upstair Studios in Sydney & more recently with Somersault Video Production in Cambridge.

Creative Direction
Production Management
Video Productions
Live Activation
Web Streaming

Indiebio, and SOSV accelerator
Global Biofoundires Alliance
Sydney Thunder BBL

I am now head of Video Production at Open Cell Media, leading clients from concept development through project management, execution and delivery of creative work. You can see more of my recent work on this page.

Montage can clarify complex ideas, placing two images in succession to create a third idea.

A camera can travel through time, take us to somewhere we did not choose and show us something we did not know existed.

Video and sound can contrast and compliment our emotional expectations make us feel something new.

Three key attributes of film which I highlight at the start of each project
An interactive documentary series with dLux Media Arts
Behind the scenes of our conference with the AAFPS
An investigation into the rise of the small bar as part of my work with Umm Communications