Photo=light Chromatzia=Paint

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Photo=light Chromatzia=Paint

Photo-chromatzia is an extension of the Weight of Light series but introduces the elements of colour to see what potential there is in painting with light.

Rhys Votano developed the technique where different time spans are layered to reflect the nature of light and time.

Below are some examples from the ongoing series. If you would like to exhibit these or collaborate on future works, please get in touch.


with Lucille Speilfuchs
Multi-screen video, 8.18 Mins, 2019

Blue is the reflected sky, the rippling ocean, the sombre planet. Blue is a feeling, blue is a colour. Blue paint behaves different from a blue coloured light which should not be mistaken for the blue in daylight.* 

Blue is an exploration of these differences. Lucille was painted various shades of blue, her background was lit with blue lighting gels and a spotlight shone a blue 5600k daylight cone into the centre.

Lucille moves between the lights, waving her blue arms and leaving streaks of colour which form a residue of time, constantly erased by the next moment.

The room fills with a sound what seems like rain. Gently pitter pattering away. It is in fact, blue noise, an audio pattern which is created when power density increases 3 dB per octave with increasing frequency. It is named blue in reference to the colour of light with similar spectra. 
Blue is part of the Weight of Light series. An ongoing investigation into the relationship between light, weight and our timely presence in the world.(Daylight 5600k presents as a shade of blue in relation to the orange found in 3600k tungsten light bulbs.)

Our Time in the world is determined by the Weight we leave behind,Our Weight in the world is determined by the Light we leave behind, Our Light in the world is determined by the Time we leave behind

Rhys Votano


Performed by Lilly Graham

Multi-screen video, 8 second loops in perpetuity


Light ranges across a spectrum of colours which we all perceive with varying degrees. At one end we have UV and the other end Infra-red though in the middle are the primary colours of light perception; red, blue, green, and all their various combinations. Spectral uses this rainbow of colours to light the space as the body moves through it.

Each image in the Weight of Light series takes one second of perceived time to create. By perceived I am referring to the time we naturally experience. The images are constructed by blending this one second of perceived time with 1/8th of slowed time. Spectral highlights this duration by projecting various clocks into the space, each of which is one second long.

The eye blinks, the mind cuts but light emits on a slower and more constant presence. By remaining in a perpetual loop, our reception of the image is built in of itself, assign new meanings with every repetition of the second.


Performed by Lucille Speilfuchs

Multi-screen video, 6:01 Mins


Pink is part of the Photo-chromatzia experiments. The main objective is to see what forms can be created using colour and the long exposure.

For this shoot with Lucille Spielfuchs, we started with a pale white body painted figure against the pink background, creating a harmony and gentle tone. As the day progressed, we covered her in different layers of paint and changed the movements to become more grotesque and fearsome.

The layers of paint were used as a brush with the slow shutter opening up the canvas and allowing the  performers movement to dictate the work.