Opening Biology Cells in Shipping Containers

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Opening Biology Cells in Shipping Containers

Over 70 shipping containers in Shepherd’s Bush London, with offices, workshops and biology labs for early stage startups and designers. We don’t believe in long winded business plans. They want residents to build things people want.

Open Cell had recently acquired a new space near White City when they came to us looking to support their growth through video and ensure they could attract the best tenants in sustainable design. We began with looking at their personal story and the current state of the industry to form the narrative of their entire content portfolio, ranging from 15-second event teasers to long form designer profiles.

We began by establishing brand and video guidelines for the group, defining the direction of interview questioning, the filming visual style and the distribution plan for content.

During the set-up of the location, we were first on the site with camera in hand to document the construction of the UK’s first technology park devoted entirely to sustainable designers.

Open Cell’s vision of creating low-cost labspace with a user-centric focus is only possible thanks to their most passionate supporter: Biotop, an Austrian science collective. Biotop’s story formed the backbone to the first of a series of profile videos featuring the brightest minds in sustainable design.

Visual anthropologist Jan Stockel and me have been the official video crew at Open Cell for two years, capturing a variety of events, designer profiles and facility tours to support the organisation with reaching their goals.

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Lindsay needed help creating a suite of images for the launch of her shoes and get them in front of investors.
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Below is a 360 degree tour of the studio we built, use your mouse to scroll around the compact film space.