Norwegians on tour

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Norwegians on tour

In 2016, Norwegian band Digvalley set about an Icelandic tour, looping the Number 1 road to celebrate the release of their first EP. We followed them around to provide video projection mapping to their live show and also capture their performances in unique places ranging from a lighthouse to an old converted fish freezer.

Digvalleys music is melancholy and often deals with lost love or distant relationships. And there could be no better backdrop for isolation like remote Iceland. So captured footage of a couple traversing the landscape as their relationship drifts in and out of connection.

The story gently moved through the space as Digvalley sung. This was the second track in an eleven track set, which begun with hope and ends with solitude.

Digvalley also wanted to document their performances in unusual locations and create small portraits of the moment. This video was captured when the band played inside the small Icelandic lighthouse in Akranesviti.

These videos were shared as part of press releases for music new outlets and blogs, scoring the band a recording space in Berlin for their next project.