My Story

Hi. I am Rhys Votano, a Creative Director exploring the properties of time and space within media and how video can be utilised to improve our understanding of the world. I build creative projects, lead workshops and seminars and curate events with video at the core – reimagining new ways stories can be shared across different spaces.

Some recent work includes a social media campaign for bio-designers at the 2019 London Design Festival; A suite of demo-day videos for life science accelerators, Developing an interactive map a Global Alliance, An interactive exhibition on the history of video art in Australia, A projection mapped story inside the King’s College Chapel in Cambridge; A documentary about cheese for the V&A featuring Alex James, Heston Blumenthal, Helene Steiner and Ruby Tandor; Digital billboards for Europe’s leading conference on Synthetic biology; And an art gallery installation questioning the nature of light and presence.

If you would like to work with me then please click this link to find a suitable time to chat.

A little more about how I got here

I was born in Sydney, Australia though currently reside in Cambridge, UK. I studied screenwriting and media-art during a Masters at Sydney University, College of the Arts and Bachelors in Screen Production at Macquarie University.

At the core of all my work is enjoyment, proposing that audiences should first be visually and emotionally engaged before they will open themselves to listening, interpreting and repositioning. I run creative workshops which explore my five C’s to story – Care, Context, Convince, Challenge, Change.

After years in agencies, I have re-established myself as an independent creative director, creating advertising and commercial work for ethical and sustainable brands in technology, health and the arts.

I hope you enjoy navigating through my work and please click this link to get in touch regarding any creative projects you want to discuss.