Masters Symposium

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Masters Symposium

The Australasian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (AAFPS), the only group of qualified specialist in Australasia focusing solely on facial cosmetic & reconstructive procedures.


The AAFPS was looking to increase the quality of practice in it’s industry by creating a symposium which brought together the brightest minds in the field to discuss their approaches through seminars and workshops including a live surgery.

So we were enlisted to produce a suite of video content which would first act as a celebration of the event, but then later be reworked to show off the symposium, sitting across five different areas of their webpage.

By utilising the highly influential speakers and members of the industry, we made a video highlighting the event’s intelligence. Another film explained the need for collegiality and the benefits of attending events like this. Multi-disciplinary approaches are what drives innovation so we had to express the need for learning about fields outside your standard practice. One video was aimed at vendors and showed the advantages of demonstrating at the event. The last film appealed to  experience culture showing off the cities attractions and fine weather.

The overall effect of raising the brands awareness in their field, attracting audiences from Japan, USA and Great Britain.