Learn Through Play

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Learn Through Play

Mickey’s World Early Learning Centre is a child care centre at Bankstown that provide and maintain a friendly, caring, clean, welcoming and stimulating environment where children are free to explore and learn through play and with our safe surroundings. Mickey’s World is committed to creating a welcoming home like environment which reflects the diverse values of children, families, staff and the wider community.

Mickeys World

We were asked to create a series of films highlighting the role of early education and the benefits of studying at Mickey’s World. 

People often balk at the idea of working with children, but it really is not that hard if you know the trick.

That is to make them the smartest person in the room.

We got the kids in front of the camera to teach us their school rules. These videos were then shared externally to show the quality of education at the kindergarten. They were also used for the students to take home and show their parents for homework, helping them practice things such as sun screen use, teeth care and conversation manners.

We also put parents in front of the camera to give testimonials about the growth of their child and the positive effects of education. These authentic reflections helped to attract new enrolments for the following year.