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with Svala Johannsdottir and Eirik Boen Gravdal
Multi-screen video 9:25 Mins 2016

In Nilfheim at a place called Hvergelmir, there is a source of eleven rivers that claim to be the origin of all existence and the place where every living thing will return. 

Still taken from video work

We begin with blank nothingness like the white ice of Nilfheim and from this emerges the light of Ymir, whose presence solidifies to make the rocks and mountains. Its hair flowing into rivers and skin growing the grass. At the end of the chaos, a portrait of the human form holds its place in time, curiously titled. It was from Ymir’s armpits that the first man and woman grew.

Static glitches and feedback distortion search for the frequencies that pinged about before sound ever settled into the harmonies we have tuned. Like the light, it too has the objective of finding presence and stability.

Creation was produced in Iceland with performer Svala Johansdottir and sound artist Eirik Boen Gravdal.

This work can be screened as a single channel work or installed for galleries using three or five channels with the additional screens projecting the environments formation alongside.