Colourful Hair Dressing

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Colourful Hair Dressing

1: Every year, thousands of students across the country dress themselves up for their first formal dining experience. For some of us, the planning is about as difficult as selecting a matching coloured tie. For others, the preparation is a year long drama of expensive choices and competing looks. And then, what felt like an eternity away, vanishes in a single night. However the stories remain with us for life, whether we want them or not. 

2: To help the Sydney salon Hairpinns in attracting students for their formal hair cuts, we developed a series of images and videos recounting the real stories of what happens at a formal – complete with embarrassing underwear selections, awkward proposals, technicolour vomit and of course, bitter hair-styling judgement. 

3: The studio shoot began with hair and make-up. The model storytellers were regular patrons of the salon providing familiarity to the piece and some fun behind the scenes shots to add to their social channels. Directing non-actors in following a specific script requires some inventive methods which gave us plenty of bloopers.

4: Following the success of this series, our next campaign in the heart of the corona-virus was built around short viral clips. (yes, I know) The salon needed to keep up it’s social media presence during a period when businesses were closed. So we repurposed the video and photo content to centre around our quirky behaviours during the lock-down.

5: Over 50 unique images and a series of videos online captured audiences who added their thoughts and comments. Helping the colourful hair salon remain vibrant during the troublesome times.