Connecting Biofoundries

The Global Biofoundries Alliance launched in 2019 with the mission of connecting the world’s leading organisations in policy, manufacturing and research. They asked if we could help them visualise the breadth of influence and the relationships across the planet. So we built a map with nodes representing each of the partners. Users could zoom in […]

Ready, Aim, Splat!

Ready aim splat is a Virtual Reality game where you are given a slingshot and tomatoes as your last line of defence against invading zombies. We made this game with Blue-Volcano Studios as part of an early HTC Vive content generation push. In order to increase awareness, we went to the streets of Sydney as […]

A Trippy Video Game

For the last five years we have been developing an interactive experience which your gaming skills turn into a live music gig. The emphasis is on the meditative, hypnotic effect that music and colour have on the self, as opposed to fast reflexes and pattern memorising. With modes that let you play endlessly through all […]