Performed by Romi Muse Multi-screen video, 15:00 Mins 2014 Density is a work using water to question our perception of a material’s physical properties. Water can be soft and relaxing but in certain circumstances, it can be vicious and destructive. Like the body which can be gentle, warm and sensual in certain light, but turn […]

The Rise of Small Bars

Something was brewing in Australia and it was more than the beer. Drinkworks, a subsidiary of Heineken wanted to get to the bottom of the barrel before their competitors could catch on. So we travelled from the bottom to the top of Australia, in search of the best small bars to ask their owners what […]

Young and Free

A short film about a children’s entertainer who takes on an adult job and is left questioning the maturity of women around him and whether he a consensual participant or a victim of sex crime. Starring TJ Power, Phoebe Fuller, Ally Pinnock and Jordan Fleming.