Fashion Interlaced with Technology

“INTERLACED is a media and events platform highlighting the most innovative developments for the future of fashion, retail and beauty.We are dedicated to inspire, educate, communicate and question the shifts in the industry, creating a hub for curious minds. Our aim is to accelerate adoption of the next wave of fashion.” Interlaced If you like fashion […]

Duma Fashion

For over ten years we have been creating editorial content for fashion designer Magdalena Duma. Below is a brief example of some of our work ranging from catalogue to editorial to social media content including photography and video.


Performed by Lucille Speilfuchs with sound by Eirik Boen GravdalMulti-screen video, 8:27 Mins, 2017 As for all works in the Weight of Light series, Suffocation uses a technique developed by Rhys Votano which compares three timelines into one image. The single second of time that is taken to capture an image is reflected back to […]


with Svala Johannsdottir and Eirik Boen GravdalMulti-screen video 9:25 Mins 2016 In Nilfheim at a place called Hvergelmir, there is a source of eleven rivers that claim to be the origin of all existence and the place where every living thing will return.  We begin with blank nothingness like the white ice of Nilfheim and […]


Performed by Sarah and Elene Filipi, costume by Magdalena Duma Multi-screen video, 9:22 Mins 2014 These early test shoots were done to understand the weight of light technique and how the light is best captured, reflected and played with. The results were used in the window display of a clothing store on Crown Street.


Struggle Performed by Steven Watson with sound by Eirik Boen GravdalMulti-screen video, 6:06 Mins, 2016 Struggle expresses the power light can have in shaping our humanly form, giving us clarity among darkness. Water is a harmonious texture yet it had a very disruptive effect on light. The work highlights how unstable our perception of the […]