Photo=light Chromatzia=Paint

Photo-chromatzia is an extension of the Weight of Light series but introduces the elements of colour to see what potential there is in painting with light. Rhys Votano developed the technique where different time spans are layered to reflect the nature of light and time. Below are some examples from the ongoing series. If you […]

An Artist in The Freezer

The Freezer in Riff, Iceland is a mecca for creatives looking to push their skills and escape the confusion of cosmopolitan art. To highlight what happens within the three month residency, I created this feature length documentary which goes through the creative process of artists in remote villages. If you would like to see the […]

The King’s Affair

In 2017, 2018 and 2019, we created the projection show for the King’s Affair inside the King’s Chapel, Cambridge, UK. Our objective was to bring the audience together and feed their imagination with ideas of exploration. The design also had to tie in with the event theme ‘Music of the Spheres’. So we created a […]


Rhys Votano with Lucille Speilfuchs Multi-screen video 3×5 meters per screen (depending on space) 8.18 Mins 2019 Blue is the reflected sky, the rippling ocean, the sombre planet. Blue is a feeling, blue is a colour. Blue paint behaves different from a blue coloured light which should not be mistaken for the blue in daylight.*  […]

A Trippy Video Game

For the last five years we have been developing an interactive experience which your gaming skills turn into a live music gig. The emphasis is on the meditative, hypnotic effect that music and colour have on the self, as opposed to fast reflexes and pattern memorising. With modes that let you play endlessly through all […]


Performed by Lucille Speilfuchs with sound by Eirik Boen GravdalMulti-screen video, 8:27 Mins, 2017 As for all works in the Weight of Light series, Suffocation uses a technique developed by Rhys Votano which compares three timelines into one image. The single second of time that is taken to capture an image is reflected back to […]


The Freezer in Iceland was looking to utilise video projection in their latest theater performance. So we responded to the call out excited by the prospect of exhibiting in a remote village in Iceland. Over three months we immersed ouselves in the production, working closely with musicians, puppeteers and performers to create an epic show […]