Bottled Up

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Bottled Up

Girl is a young and bubbly blonde who loves to play. She is madly in love with her Boy. To her love is making someone safe and happy so Girl makes it her life time duty to keep Boy safe by caring and nurturing his every need and happy by entertaining her Boy with cute and creative things. If she can do this then Boy will want to be with her forever.  

Boy is a scruffy drifter of a boyfriend who doesn’t need much. He is also madly in love with Girl though his idea of love is just a little different. He believes love is about making someone safe and happy. Safe by protecting them from harm and happy by keeping quiet on anything that may cause sadness. If he can do this, then he knows Girl will never leave him.

All bottled up is short film about a young couple in love. About a Girl who will do everything to keep her lover safe and happy and the Boy who will keep everything from his Girl to keep her safe and happy.

All Bottled up follows Boy and Girl, two young lovers who want only for each other’s safety and happiness. After a bouncy session of love making, Girl realises something is a little off with Boy. She asks what’s wrong but he assures her everything is alright.

Not convinced, she continues to pry over and over again to which he denies her time and time again. The routine however, reveals that not all is well in Boys life and rather than share his worries, he chooses to keep them bottled up from his Girl.

As the bottling up process goes on, Boy grows sicker until he visits a doctor and discovers that tiny bottles are physically growing in his belly. This is troubling and something that would make Girl very upset. So Boy does not tell her.

Though he should know that Girl will do anything to look after her boy, even if it means snooping into his medical records.

When she discovers that he is keeping bottles from her, Girl sets out to expel these secrets from Boy at whatever cost it takes.

Behind the Scenes

The early development film storyboard