Read Time 2 min.


Rhys Votano with Lucille Speilfuchs

Multi-screen video

3×5 meters per screen (depending on space)

8.18 Mins


Blue is the reflected sky, the rippling ocean, the sombre planet. Blue is a feeling, blue is a colour. Blue paint behaves different from a blue coloured light which should not be mistaken for the blue in daylight.* 

Blue is an exploration of these differences. Lucille was painted various shades of blue, her background was lit with blue lighting gels and a spotlight shone a blue 5600k daylight cone into the centre.

Lucille moves between the lights, waving her blue arms and leaving streaks of colour which form a residue of time, constantly erased by the next moment.

The room fills with a sound that seems like rain. Gently pitter pattering away. It is in fact, blue noise, an audio pattern which is created when power density increases 3 dB per octave with increasing frequency. It is named blue in reference to the colour of light with similar spectra. 

Blue is part of the Weight of Light series. An ongoing investigation into the relationship between light, weight and our timely presence in the world.

(Daylight 5600k presents as a shade of blue in relation to the orange found in 3600k tungsten light bulbs.)