Attract, Train and Retain

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Attract, Train and Retain

“Become THE leading youth development structure, igniting a passion for football, and improving and progressing as many individuals as possible to a future involved in the game”

Kikoff Mission

Over a long hot summer, we dusted off our football boots and jumped on the pitch with cameras in hand to capture the action of Kikoff and turn it into a portfolio of over 60 unique videos.

Our task was to attract the best 5-a-side players in the world by showing off the facilities and offering, train them with high quality tutorials and retain them through video content that reflects a premium club culture.

We used all means necessary to capture the facilities including aerial footage

We got on the field and captured the action whether that be with a long lens or a gopro

We used animation to highlight key points and add visual flare to training videos

Showed off the unique offering through product explainers and facility tours, Created dozens of video tutorials to upskill the current members

And made the brand known through event call outs and highlights videos .