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Rhys Votano is an Australian/Italian video artist with a MA in Film and Digital Image from Sydney University, College of the Arts. His creative practice is interested in the spatiotemporal properties of video, playing with repetition, time and memory to demonstrate how we can transcend the physical world. This has culminated in hybrid documentaries, interactive exhibitions and experimental cinema.

A collection of video work over the last decade

His award winning documentaries are primarily concerned with disability and biotechnology, working closely with the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics and Open Cell. These documentaries are integrated into online channels and web platforms that foster community, build networks and gain investment. 

During residencies in Iceland, Australia and the UK, he integrated video in theatre performances to link memory with recording technology. One show projected metaphors of betrayal and regret behind live actors to recount the guilt of a misinterpreted love. A Jules Verne adaptation containing playful video interludes akin to pro wrestling events. His collaboration with bands integrate narratives into concert performances by combining projection mapping with short film, to form an hybrid-documentary style that sits between cinema, theatre and a music concert.

He has also devised a series of seminars and interactive workshops in which participants make films through improvised games (as opposed to scripts). These workshops have been run for inner city schools as well as remote and regional communities.

Recent client work includes promotional video for bio-designers at the 2019 London Design Festival; Developing the brand identity and website for the Global Biofoundires Alliance, An interactive exhibition on the history of video art in Australia for dLux Media Arts, A projection mapped performance at the King’s College Chapel in Cambridge for Explorers Society; A documentary about cheese for the V&A featuring Alex James, Heston Blumenthal, Helene Steiner and Ruby Tandor; Digital billboards for Synbitech Europe’s leading conference on Synthetic biology; Animations and fun little Gifs to help Rebelbio start-ups get VC backing; And an art gallery installation questioning the nature of light and presence at Artereal Gallery. You can find more about these projects on the site.