A Global Catalyst for Aquaculture

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A Global Catalyst for Aquaculture

The seafood industry is making significant investments to address environmental and social impacts through certification, fishery improvement projects, supply-chain commitments, and pre-competitive collaborations. These investments have provided significant return to seafood companies, the seafood industry, and the brand “seafood” globally. At the same time, investments in better management by governments and international bodies have had very clear and definable environmental, social and economic returns. Leveraging the work done by industry and aligning government management with industry efforts is a clear opportunity to advance sustainability in seafood. 


Hatch, A Global Catalyst For Aquaculture And Alternative Seafood Innovation are one of these groups of companies who are supporting the future of our rivers and oceans. In 2020 they received their first million dollar fund and were looking to carry on the successful year with their fourth cohort of companies. Then the 2020 vision started to go blurry.

They quickly needed to adapt their typical program of face-to-face meetings in foreign countries. What’s more challenging, is that the zoom-boom had ended and people were growing tired of the online space.


So I reached out to animators Heather and Almu to create an aesthetic which would transport investors from their bedroom offices into the exciting underwater world of Hatch.

Hand drawn fish were animated frame by frame to provide an organic feeling to the online space. These elements were intercut with 3D diagrams, 

While they were working hard on the visuals, I was working with the eight companies to refine the way they talk on screen. The teams started with scrappy slide decks, overwhelmed with information and little space for margins. Through a series of workshops and guideline documents, we were able to simplify their story into a 3 minute film – using interviews, video footage and animated diagrams.


Along with the company videos, we created a suite of social media videos to promote the demo day, inviting investors to sign up to the eventbrite page.

To open the event and introduce the online audiences to the year that was, we created a montage of talking heads from the partners and CEO’s.

Finally, each film was followed up by a live-streamed Q&A session with the company CEO. We wanted to make sure this didn’t appear like any other zoom chat so we created a set of underwater frames which the videos would sit within and keep the space as visually dynamic as possible.

You can see the final event on this link.

Post event, we kept the content rolling with more short clips and teaser content driving investors towards the companies.


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And if you are interested in seeing any of the individual companies working in aquaculture, please visit

Blue Lion Labs

ANB Sensors

Smart Oysters




Plant Based SeaFood Company


The film and Q&A with Smart Oysters
The demo day webpage
A quick look at all the teams involved in this accelerator
A diagram of fish tanks we created for ANB sensors
The event welcome film
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