Creative Director

Hi, I am Rhys Votano, a Senior Creative Director producing video, exhibition and interactive works.

Clients I have worked with include

Global Biofoundries Alliance
Imperial College London
Ieso Digital Health
OpenCell London
Stop Funding Hate
TAFE WSi Educational
Next Top Model
dLux Media Arts
Dick Smith Electronics
Umm Communications
BBL – Sydney Thunder
Leg’s on the Wall

I am not an agency, but rather a creative lead connected with artists, animators, film-makers, marketing consultants, game developers and bio-designers. This ensures I can scale up and down productions based on the project requirements.

Some recent work includes Video and Photography to promote Open Cell at the 2019 London Design Festival.

A projection mapped performance for Explorers Society at the King’s College Chapel in Cambridge.

A documentary about bacteria for the V&A featuring Alex James, Heston Blumenthal, Helene Steiner and Ruby Tandor.

Exhibition display content for Europe’s leading conference on Synthetic biology.

Animations, interviews and fun little Gifs to help start-ups get VC backing

I group projects under three umbrellas, distinguished by their own agenda and methodology. Often these categories overlap, though to simplify the process and understand their markers for success, I have defined them as per below.




Commercial refers to work that is commissioned by another organisation or business.

Projects have included Brand Films, Pitch Reels, Product Explainers, HR inductions, Event and Conference coverage.

Documentary is an observational process whereby I embed myself in a community to understand it.

Projects have included Community Investigations, Disability Awareness, Artist Profiles.

Artistic works are created to visually articulate a philosophy or concept.

Projects have included Projection Mapping, VR, Gallery Installations, Immersive cinema.

At the core of all my work is enjoyment, proposing that audiences should first be visually and emotionally engaged before they will open themselves to listening, interpreting and re-positioning. 

I often run creative workshops with clients and communities that explore my five C’s – Curious, Care, Convince, Challenge, Change. I would be more than happy to run one for you.

I also co-lead the media production arm of Open Cell in West London. Creating work for designers and organisations in biotech and life science.

The picture beside is of the mini-studio we created within a shipping container to give immediate creative access to designers within the 70 container facility. It is a 360 degree image so take a look around.

I hope you can see from this brief description, that my role as a creative director is diverse and varies from project to project. So I encourage you to call me on (+44)7492 547 546 to discuss the potential of your next project.

A proud member of the Conscious Advertising Network