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The History of Australian Media Art

We made an educational suite comprising over 45 videos that were played using an custom made plinth.

Artist Annie McKinnon created the interactive plinth to play the content in galleries across the country.

Scanlines is an interactive education exhibition and workshop created with dLux Media Arts in Sydney, Australia. The objective was to provide a history of video art in Australia by championing a selection of artists who contributed to the field over the last four decades.
Curators Sarah Vandepeer and Todd Fuller, along with program director Tara Morelos, selected an archive of Australian media artists whom we would construct an interactive exhibition around.

We traveled across the vast country, we generating a library of video interviews. The interviews would be intimate conversations inside the studios and workplaces where these artists reside. We created over 48 videos ranging from a history of the artist to their methodology to the work itself.

Artist Annie McKinnon designed a tetrahedron device that was used to control the video content. By placing a side onto the plinth, a video about the selected artist would initiate.