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This is a series of mini documentaries created for the Foundation of Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics. During my travels around Australia visiting 25 people with Angelman Syndrome and talking with their families to find out what the condition really looks like. This would increase awareness and diagnosis of the condition.

The films were created with the love and support of F.A.S.T so please return the thanks.

“Angelman Syndrome (often abbreviated AS) is a severe neurological disorder characterized by profound developmental delays, problems with motor coordination (ataxia) and balance, and epilepsy. Individuals with AS do not develop functional speech. Individuals with Angelman Syndrome tend to have a happy demeanor, characterized by frequent laughing, smiling and excitability. Angelman Syndrome is a genetic-based disorder resulting from the loss of function of the Ube3a gene in the brain. Loss of Ube3a prevents neurons from functioning correctly, leading to deficits in learning and memory. Importantly, loss of UBE3A does not appear to affect neuronal development, indicating that neurons could function normally if UBE3A function is restored.” – The Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics 

The success of the campaign can be found through the thousands of comments on Youtube and FAST forums.




And the campaign continued outside of the internet with content created to open charity events and fundraising galas.

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