Suffocation is a part of the Weight of Light series exploring the relationship between light and our presence over time. Perfo


For this work I used my photo-chromatzia technique to retell the Norse myth of creation. The white appears like the ice of

Royal College of Art

We captured the story behind the Food Futures exhibition for the Royal College of Arts.  


Two works which used water to create another dimension to the weight and light experiments.

Weight of Light

The collective name of my experiments which expose the correlation between light, time and our bodily presence in the world. W

Digvalley Tour Iceland

In 2016, Norwegian band Digvalley set about an Icelandic tour, looping the Number 1 road. I followed them around to capture th

I Can’t Tell – Digvalley

A music video created for Digvalley in the Icelandic grasslands along Sneafellsness. I Can’t Tell, 2015

Interlaced – The Future of Fashion

To support the 2015 Interlaced event, we captured a series of talks followed by the runway show. The content was then rolled o


A documentation of the work of Natasha Scott for her Harmony Row Studios.


To support Leg’s on the Wall at the Sydney Festival 2015, we created a series of online teasers for their show Puncture.


Lightness/ Darkness

This is a collection of shots compiled from two shoots conduced in 2014 utilising the Weight of Light techniques.   Light


Scanlines is an interactive education exhibition and workshop created with dLux Media Arts in Sydney, Australia. The objective

Maiden Threads

Curated by Maiden is the work of Maie Dionysio, a clothing designer and visual merchandiser from Sydney. This is a few sample

Human Goddess

A 16mm experimental film.

Biennale of Sydney

As part of the Bienalle of Sydney 2012, I was the event videographer capturing interviews with a range of artist across the wo