Our services cover everything in the video production journey from concept development, filming, editing and visual effects. .


OpenCell are affordable studios and biolabs for early stage startups and designers. They offer a critical mass of infrastructu


Two documentaries to support the two SXSW visits in promotion of Rotocolorrhythms


We use conversation as the center of our research, giving a voice to the people who are central to the discussion.

Magdalena Duma

Since meeting in 2011, I have had the pleasure of creating all manner of videos with Magdalena Duma. These are just some of th

Digvalley Tour Iceland

In 2016, Norwegian band Digvalley set about an Icelandic tour, looping the Number 1 road. I followed them around to capture th

Interlaced – The Future of Fashion

To support the 2015 Interlaced event, we captured a series of talks followed by the runway show. The content was then rolled o


This is a series of mini documentaries created for the Foundation of Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics. During my travels around

BBL – Sydney Thunder

  As part of the 2014 Season, we were the in-house video director creating content for the bars, cheer team and fan event

TAFE Western Sydney

TAFE WSI delivers nationally accredited qualifications with a practical focus in identified skills shortage areas for people

Kikoff Soccer Centers

For this project I was commissioned to create over 50 outputs including online training videos, product explainers, facility t

Mickeys World

I was asked to create a series of films highlighting the role of early education and the benefits of Mickey’s World. Thi


To support Leg’s on the Wall at the Sydney Festival 2015, we created a series of online teasers for their show Puncture.


This is a documentary I created for the Ryde Council to raise awareness of the community issues and introduce new arrivals to

AAFPS Symposium

The Australian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery formed in 1990 and brought together a group of fully registered specialists w


Scanlines is an interactive education exhibition and workshop created with dLux Media Arts in Sydney, Australia. The objective

Drinkworks – The Dawn of Craft Beer

At the early days of the craft beer revolution, Drinkworks Australia commissioned a documentary about the new players in the g

Tiger Beer Street Soccer

To promote their International Soccer Tournament, Tiger beer and Drinkworks Australia commissioned us. Over three days we docu

Maiden Threads

Curated by Maiden is the work of Maie Dionysio, a clothing designer and visual merchandiser from Sydney. This is a few sample

Biennale of Sydney

As part of the Bienalle of Sydney 2012, I was the event videographer capturing interviews with a range of artist across the wo